Desert house play a main role if required as a contractor to hold the full responsibility for delivery of your cabins any where in UAE, even through out the middle east we deliver with the consideration of the world and labor law plus our helpful and courteous manners.

Assembling and disassembling

we ars ready to Assembling and disassembling all the cabin in UAE. if it well be our cabin or other company cabin.

Cabin foundation

we donít provied fonudation in our offer unless its for extra charge, we can take the role of a contractor for building up the cabin foundation

Knock down state services

For international order outside UAE boundaries desert House offers a knock down state services where the cabin can be pack as parts inside a container for shipping the services world wide. The knock down parts are packed for ease of the supply. In addition our supervision from our company can be arranged full staff in order to help you in the assembling process.
Note:- (Request us to quote for assembling your cabins)

Other services:

We can arrange all the needful cabins rent, water tank , water pumps etc..